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Food Revolution #165 – Homemade Steak Pie

Originally posted on My Food Revolution.


There is nothing better than Mum’s homemade steak pie. I’ve decided that if I’m ever put on Death Row, this is my final meal. Amazin’.


The Great Twitter Portrait Project

Originally posted onĀ General Musings of an Idiot.

To clarify, I’m about to use a lot of Twitter users and jargon. Be scared. Be very scared.

Back in the summer of last year, I heard a brilliant story from the lovely @PoppyD about a man who had decided to take pictures of all his Twitter followers, and create a photographic reference for as many of them as he could. His name was @chrisfloyduk, and this was the first I heard about The Great Twitter Portrait Project.


I thought it was a brilliant idea, but honestly didn’t think any more of it. It went to the back of my mind, in that big filing cabinet that always reminds me of that scene from Bruce Almighty. Not my head, the filing cabinet.

I had completely forgotten about it, until Poppy Tweeted about it again. The alarm clocks went off in my head, and I remembered – still as enthusiastic as before. So I got in touch with Chris.


Initially, it was to be me, Isobel (@owab), and Ewan, Isobel’s Dad (@Ewbz), due to our Twitter story. Having met Isobel, Ewan found I had Twitter, and did the initial father-daughter’s-first-boyfriend vetting process, to which I (hopefully) passed. I never really found out…

But, nearly two years on, we both still Tweet. And having introduced Isobel to it too, we were all on Twitter. Our little story was brilliant, and it was a date.

But plans changed, and suddenly just Isobel and I were heading into London, to have our photos taken by a man we had never met before, but had spoken on Twitter. As suspicious and creepy as it sounds, I had faith in Chris. And just crossed my fingers he wasn’t gonna bundle us into a van.


So, we finished school, sprinted to the train station, found our train had been cancelled, rushed onto the next one, bombed it down to Kensal Green, and walked the mile it took to get us to a large warehouse, with a buzzer system. Several presses on the button did nothing, until a man appeared with glasses, and we found Chris.

And we met @andras101 too. It was a relaxed, fun shoot, where everything we did seamlessly ended up on a MacBook in the corner that made it look like a weird flick book. And 10 minutes later, we’ve got everything we needed, and the photos are done.

So it was a trip home, and g’night. Until this morning, when I began to ambush unintentionally Chris with Tweets about getting hold of our pictures. Looking back on it, I looked a bit of a tit, but hey ho. The pictures arrived by email at about half 4 this evening, and were brilliant. I wasn’t expecting anything like what we got hold of. Of which they are scattered through this post.


But not only that, it made me realise quite how clever this project is. I found out about Chris through a Tweeter, who liked the idea too. I got in touch via Twitter, and then I sent some emails and discovered even more Tweeters who liked the idea and were getting involved. We kept in touch through replies and messages, and got hold of the pictures on Twitter, to which we showed everyone we followed. Funnily enough, via Twitter.

I’m just glad I was involved in something like this. I’m very proud of what is going on, and my name’s alongside it.

Well, if you knew who I was on Twitter, anyway. Cos I clearly don’t bang on enough about it.


You have a couple days to get involved in Chris’ baby. Tweet him, DM him, do whatever, but have a nose at his official website too. Promise, I didn’t pick the homepage picture.