GMOAI Style: Shoe Obsessed.

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

So, after blogs about Elbow, BBC News School Report, and Formula 1, it was about time I filled in the last of those headings above. (Up there. See them? Good.) So returning tonight is GMOAI Style.

As we’ve found out before, I’m hardly the most stylish fella. I buy pea green jumpers. Alas, I have a tendency to get drawn in to certain things – jumpers, watches, and SHOES. Lovely lovely shoes.

So what do I reckon we should buy this coming season?

Well, as we’ve seen in every fashion magazine known to man, brogues are back big time for blokes. Specifically colourful ones.

These have to be my faves. These Paul Smith Miller Cobalt Brogues are just gorgeous. They look like they’ve been to Avatar and back. They even have a powdered blue sole – amazing. These are from the official website, for £235.


Or how’s about stone? You can get these KG by Kurt Geiger Saint Suede Brogues in so many colours – you may have spotted the advert about with a rainbow of shoes. They’re beautiful creations – to be fair, anything from Kurt Geiger would do it for me. These can be pur-chased on the Kurt Geiger website, for a mere £125. Totally worth it.


These Vivienne Westwood Tizer shoes are more like a pair of smart shoes, but they’re vaguely brogue-y. So it was about time you got to see their wonderfulness. Normally, non-matching shoes don’t go down a treat, but the blue, khaki and pink shoes are larvley. A bit of an investment, at £285, and you can get them from Viv’s official website.


But that doesn’t mean the classics aren’t still cool. These grey Rolando Sturlini’s are gorgeous. You’ll have to excuse the dirt on the sole – don’t blame me… They’re £160, and you can find them here on ASOS.


How about some very posh Jeffrey Wests? These Two-Tone Brogues, from the Black Line collection, come in stone, and are rather delicious. You could eat these. These are 140 quid, but for a decent meal, that’s fair enough. Available on ASOS, I believe.


These are Ellington New Dye Grey Wingcap Brogues, from H by Hudson, and they’re from their official website too. Sleek is a word for them. The kinda shoe you’d imagine George Clooney to wear. It’d match his hair. Those dreamy eyes……. Shit. Blog, yes. They’re £75, and Clooney is my man crush. Easy.


All a little steep? These ASOS Wingcap Pointed Brogues aren’t in-keeping with what we’ve seen so far, but these are a snip at £28, whilst on sale. Black, simple, smart, and very, very cool. They’re available on ASOS. Obviously.


Or these tan leather brogues? They are perfectly on trend – will look great with chinos too, ironically, also in trend. Which rock have you been living under? They’re £66.99, and available from Office.


Here’s another pair I really like – they’re called Micro Sole Saddle Shoes, and you can get them from ASOS too. They’re very similar to the Viv Westwood’s. Very different – tan and navy leather. They’re 40 squigglies.


And here’s a shocker – something Adam likes from Next, of all places. These Brogue Lace-Ups, at £50, are lovely, and bang-on trend. Really nice, and come in three colours. These in the teeny-weeny pic are again, stone. Go buy here.


And for a nicely rounded £69.50, you can pick up these Suede Two-Tone brogues, from the Collezione collection at M&S. Fashionable, and relatively cheap. Leather and suede?! Well, there’s a posh man’s wet dream… All yours when you click here.


But my favourite pair? Like, my absolute FAVOURITE pair of shoes, in the whole entire world?

KG by Kurt Geiger Covent Wingcaps. Not quite brogues, but I couldn’t care. I could write a post on bloody espadrilles, and these would appear. They’re 90 quid, but I’d pay what it takes to own these. So simple, but so beautifully made even Eva Longoria would be kissing my feet. And she is gorgeous. Again, available at Kurt Geiger, and soon to appear on my feet.


So that’s my ‘short’ guide on this season’s brogues, and what to buy for your ever-increasing, or in my case, ever-decreasing budget. I’d like every one of these. If you feel like buying me a birthday present, pick one. I won’t bite. Promise.


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