Apple Prepare For iPhone 5 Launch On October 4th

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

Having looked at the dates of upload to GMOAI the last few months, it’s fair to say it’s been a little neglected. Not a lot has ended up at the end of that URL. But that’s what happens when you have many fingers in different pies. So apologies to all, but I promise to get you something AT LEAST once a week.

Today, we’re gonna talk Apple. And we will do next Tuesday too. But tonight the official invitations for the iPhone event at Apple HQ in Cupertino next Tuesday were leaked to the world. They’re calling it ‘Let’s Talk iPhone.’ And not only has social media gone nuts, but so has every Apple geek across this planet – and I’m one of them.


And there it is, in all its wonder. Now, let’s decipher it. Obviously, the ‘Calendar’ is the date of next Tuesday, the 4th of October. The event will begin at 10AM, as ‘Clock’ says. ‘Maps’ shows us it’ll be at Cupertino, but the most intriguing part is the ‘Phone’ application, with a big red ‘1’ button on it. Indicating a new phone? Just one?!

Having seen all the rumours and leaks over the last year or so of the new iPhone 5, we’ve also seen a growing number saying that we’re quite likely to see a cheaper version produced too, knows as the iPhone 4S. So why hasn’t that been listed too? Will it even happen?! All questions I’m sure we’ll see answered over the next seven days.

Equally, there seem to be plenty of rumours flying around about ‘secret’ features to iOS5, also expected to be rolled out just before the iPhone 5 is in a few weeks’ time. We’ve already seen the announcement of Twitter integration into the core software, but will we see Facebook jump on board too? There seems to be a deep hatred of Google between the two of the biggest companies in the world, and so it would surely make sense to come together and beat Android, and Google+ together. But we’ll have to see with that one.

Seemingly, Facebook may feature again next Tuesday, with the announcement of their very long-awaited iPad app. Supposedly ready since May, Facebook are ready to unveil what will be the most-used app on the iPad over the next two weeks, and thus increasing their own personal market share of the social networking market even further. Or so they hope.

There’ll be plenty more to look forward to – the inevitable ‘One More Thing’, Tim Cooks’ first keynote as CEO, and all the new features of the new products – but until this time next week, we’ll just have to keep second guessing…


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