Blogging About Bloggers Blogging On Their Blogs

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

There are so many blogs on the internet. Millions and millions of people writing daily about what happens in their life, what their job is, and what their mission in life has become. There’s an infinite plethora of info on the internet of people, places, groups, cults, companies, choices… The list goes on.

But we all have our favourites. Hopefully, the fact you’re reading this indicates you quite like what I write, and that’s a very humbling thought. But if not – welcome aboard lovely internet person. Or foreign search engine.

I have my favourites – I have a list of blogs I check on a daily basis for updates, or changes – and that’s because they entertain me, they inform me, and they make me feel better. Some may call it an addiction, but for me it’s now just part of my daily routine. So I figured I’d blog about my favourite five bloggers who blog about their blogs. Or something like that.

Poppy Dinsey – What I Wore Today


My favourite blog in the whole wide world is ‘What I Wore Today’, by Miss Poppy Dinsey. Poppy blogs about her daily outfits, and her New Years’ Resolution became an addiction. And is now her job.

You see, Poppy now runs What I Wore Today as a fashion social network. She’s made a name for herself, and she’s now very successful because of it. She even has an iPhone app – kind of an ultimate goal for me…

She’s become a sort of cult hero to me – she gave me a different outlook on blogging, and having followed her all the way, it makes sense to only keep following her journey, and continue to watch her career blossom and become incredibly successful.

I’ve followed Poppy’s blog for coming up two years – it was February 2010 when I first heard about her, and now she’s an up and coming star of not just the fashion world, but the media world too. It says a lot when even my Business Studies teacher last year had heard of her – he was hardly a die-hard fashion fan, put it that way…

You can find What I Wore Today right here, or follow Poppy on Twitter by clicking on this one. Or even follow WIWT on Twitter too. Clever.

Alice Harold – More Than Toast


If it wasn’t for What I Wore Today’s social networking re-launch, I’d have never heard of Alice, and I’d certainly never have found More Than Toast. MTT is Alice’s little spot on the World Wide Web, with all her musings and bits and bobs going on in her life. It’s strangely addictive.

The thing with blogs like this is you enjoy reading them, but by the time you start telling people about them, you feel like a stalker. I know Alice has a husband called Will, and the most gorgeous daughter called Elfie. I know Alice is pregnant again, and the baby is due in May. I know she has a bit of an unhealthy obsession for Apple products. (don’t we all?!) I know she has 98 things left on her Life List, and then she’ll be satisfied. And that’s all from reading her work…

Her blog is a bit of calm away from the storm, to be honest with you. I love reading about happy things, and everything that appears on Alice’s blog is happy, and smiley, and always leaves me chuckling by the end. Anyone who announces their pregnancy with ‘I’m knocked up again!’ or calls their unborn baby ‘Foetus’ automatically gains ‘Legendary’ status to me. She’s just one of those human beings you can only love. And I’ve never met her. *feels stalkerish again…*

If you have five minutes, go have a look at More Than Toast – you really won’t be disappointed. And then go follow Alice on Twitter too, and smile even more.

Natasha Henry – So Natasha Says.


Like myself, Natasha wants to be a sports journalist. Admittedly, she’s a little further on than I am – training as we speak, and already writing for some of the biggest sports blogs on the net, but her blog is a different look on football. It’s a fresh take from a fresh mind on what goes on. So Natasha Says is just a great little blog.

She may be a Gooner, but don’t hold that against her – she’s already suffered enough this season… Her writing is very inspiring in a way – it’s quite thought provoking and does make you consider your own views. It’s a fantastic way to discover what’s going on, and her look on it all is great.

Throw into the mix that she’s also a really quite lovely person, and willing to help with anything. I have a bit of a soft spot for Tasha, and she’s one of my favourite people on Twitter too.

So, go see So Natasha Says, and follow her on Twitter too. I promise you it’s worth it.

Callum Winterford – Student Daily


As you will be aware by now, there was a time where I was going to university, in particular City Uni London. That rather wonderful ‘school administrative error’ scuppered those hopes this year, but there wasn’t a hope in hell I was missing out on a year’s worth of writing and learning. And having had a few Google searches and a quick Facebook page scour, I came across this.

Callum is studying Journalism at City, and is in his first year. We would have been on the same course had my life taking a slightly different path. But Student Daily is really quite a brilliant blog – a different perspective on the events going on in our world.

Informative, witty, and interesting, Student Daily ticks the box of every aspect a good blog should be. It’s a really decent read, everything flows nicely together, and it’s a bit different to all the other student blogs trying to inform and entertain on the web.

Not only that, but Callum wants to be on Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports. I rest my case – it’s a winner.

If you get the chance, you can read Student Daily here, or follow Callum on Twitter too. I just have. So now it’s your go.

Angie Dudley – Bakerella


I have a few passions in my life. One is for football – in particular Manchester United. Another is technology, and embracing what new products are brought to the table. I love to write, and I love to continually be inspired. And I love to bake.

Baking is one of those things I have always loved to do. From a child licking the cake bowl, to leaving bread dough to prove and just being so tempted to start kneading it again, to making intricate birthday cakes for friends to eat alongside their company. It’s what I’m passionate about.

I will guarantee that Bakerella will inspire and ignite your passion, too. Angie has built up her blog of cakes and all sorts of sugary goodness, and soon releases her own cookbook on cake pops. It’s becoming a bit of a phenomenon.

Whether it’s a recipe you’re after, or a little inspiration, or even just to admire the beautiful images strewn throughout her posts and pages, you need to have a bit of Bakerella in your life.

I mean, everybody has a baking memory, don’t they? A special brithday cake, or your wedding cake, or that one moment in your life where the realisation kicked in over a biscuit. Okay, that last one was clutching at straws, but you get my point…

Angie’s blog is so wonderfully inspiring, and it’s always worth checking, and seeing what is going on in her cake tin world. It’s a beautiful blog, and you’ll certainly find something that will get you wanting to get in the kitchen.

Bakerella can be found here, or you could follow Angie on Twitter here.

Blogging has become a part of our society, and has allowed normal, bog-standard people to have their say on any subject known to man. It’s become a platform for people to have a say, just like I’m doing, and just like the five people above do too.

And if I can take a little bit from all five of those blogs, and put them into my big pot of inspiration, then this place will become a little bit better, and a little bit brighter. Lovely stuff.


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