F1 Set To Confirm New Jersey GP For 2013

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

As many of you know, I write for several different places across the internet, notably about sport. There’s Stretty News, Sport Witness, Back Page Football, 19 Times and That’s A Fact, and the others – here, and there’s a few fairly private blogs too. And if you ever find them on the world wide web, I promise to buy you a pint. Trust me, you won’t find them.

Most of what I write is in some way sport-related, and unfortunately for you sport fans, this post will be no different. Yes yes, I know, I haven’t written a GMOAI Sports Thoughts post for a good few weeks, concentrating on Apple, blogging, and of course, pie. As you do.

But there was a story that caught my eye this morning that I had to write about. And bearing in mind Tuesday is GMOAI day, it will end up on here. So I sincerely apologise, but hope you choose to continue reading. If not, thanks for your time and hopefulyl see you next week. Maybe.

This morning, plans were announced for a New Jersey Formula One race, to begin in 2013. This may not sound particularly interesting, but think about it – a road race round one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the Manhattan skyline as a back drop. A four mile circuit along the Hudson River that will change how many people perceive F1.

And the fact the US GP makes a return to the calendar next year at the newly-built circuit in Austin, Texas, means we may be seeing millions more fans tuning in to such a wonderful sport.

Now there has been no confirmation whether or not Texas and New Jersey willalternate as hosts of the US GP, or whether they will both be added to the calendar as separate races, taking us back to the 1980’s with the US GP and the US West GP.

Counter in the fact that in 2014, we’ll also see the new circuit at Sochi in Russia added to the calendar, and we have the potential of 23 races on the calendar in 2014. Clearly, that’s far too many, and some will either be placed on rotation or scarpped altogether, but there’s plenty of interest in F1 again. Qatar, Estonia and Croatia are all in talks to hold a GP, as are South Africa, and there’s even talk of Argentina getting involved.

F1 is growing again, and it’s brilliant to see. Let’s just hope the fans are put first and not the money. As usual.


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