Dark Days For English Football May Very Well Return…

Originally posted on Sport Witness.

Yes, before you all ask, it still hurts. My chest aches and I can’t bear to look at the papers. City have really hurt me. I am very tempted to use some rather foul language, but hey, this is a family blog. Supposedly…

Well what a week it’s been for the Premier League! Shocks galore, big wins, small wins – not to mention a few naughty words used on a pitch somewhere in West London. A club suspend a player, whilst another player threatens to sue the manager. Carlos Tevez anyone?

So yeah, it’s been a little wild, and it’s been difficult to try and keep up with it all. The prima donnas we all adore so much are rebelling and becoming rebellious teenagers all over again, believing their actions won’t get them in trouble. As proven over the last week, it really can.

I don’t want to sit and write about John Terry’s supposed racist comments, as these are yet to be proven, and it could just be a big media frenzy for nothing. What’s new, I hear you ask… Instead, I want to talk about this situation it has left us in.

Back in 1993, the ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out Of Football’ campaign was launched, and was sent very mainstream in 1997. The campaign really picked up, all 92 league clubs got behind it, and it was introduced at grassroots level in order to maintain this level of equality that was being emitted both on and off the pitch.

Then these accused events happen this weekend, the print and online media pick it up, it goes viral, and suddenly we have a big racism case on our hands. Involving the England captain – supposedly the model footballer of all young English kids up and down the country, and the man every English player wants to be. Proving we really do still have a big problem with race and colour in this country.

It wasn’t just this isolated incident, though. Anyone who is on any form of social networking site, in particular Twitter, will have seen the vulgar comments being directed at black footballers and commentators from fans and people alike. This wasn’t just a few words on a pitch, this was a thousand words online too.

It’s a very sad situation – we’ve come a long way as a nation to ensure this kind of incident doesn’t happen, and a lot of investment within the Kick It Out scheme has led to plenty of positives coming out of games where racist abuse has been heard.

At the end oft eh day, nothing has been proven as yet. But we could be returning to the very dark days of English football if we’re not careful.

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