Inspiration Invitations: Poppy Dinsey

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

In the lead-up to Christmas, I always start some form of ‘blog sets’, as I call them – posts with a shared meaning. This year, or certainly to start off with, I want to write about the people who inspire me, and who have made me do something, achieve something, or aspire to something. It’s called ‘Inspiration Invitations’ – cos I want them to inspire you, too.

Back at the start of 2010, I discovered a blog that I had been told about via the means of Twitter, and immediately followed it. It was so different to anything I’d seen before – new, interesting, a genius idea, a great back story, and a woman wonderfully outspoken, but with dignity, integrity, and with that bit of grit you really want to see from every blogger.

That was Poppy Dinsey, and the blog was What I Wore Today.


If you’re an avid reader of GMOAI, you’ll know I have a bit of an obsession with What I Wore Today, and I tell you all every so often quite how brilliant it is. This may be a tiny blog in a tiny part of the internet, but if I can just make one person have a look and enjoy it, then even better.

Poppy is a massive inspiration for me. The blog was originally a post a day from Poppy’s wardrobe – a New Years’ Resolution in order to wear more clothes accumulated over the years stashed in her wardrobe. The blog grew and grew, becoming more and more functional, with more and more people getting interested and having a look each and every day, and earlier this year, it became a social network for fashion lovers everywhere. A photo is uploaded, tagged with the items you are wearing, and starred by people if they like it. You can then be directed straight to the top, or pair of jeans, or shoes, or whatever, and buy it straight from the site. She even has a bloody iPhone app, for God’s sake.

It wasn’t what her blog became though – it was how she did it. She didn’t let it all go to her head – she was still very true to herself, and the blog grew around her, rather than her growing around the blog. Obviously, there was an element of that, but you know what I mean…. No big-hitting ego, no monstrous claims, no selling-out to the big boys of the online world. It’s still the same old Poppy that we know and love – the sweary, interesting, no qualms, brilliant Poppy.

So why has she inspired me?! For exactly that. Her vision for her blog has made it such a monumental hit, and that’s what is so interesting about it all. There’s no doubting who Poppy is, because she’s the same across everything. It’s really been quite brilliant watching the blog grow, seeing her gain the fame the blog deserves, and I’m really excited about where the future takes it all too.

If it weren’t for Poppy, I’d certainly never have started My Food Revolution, and posted 365 different meals on a blog. And then the domino effect begins – other blogs wouldn’t be where they are, I wouldn’t have gained the work experience I got, I wouldn’t have met the people I did and I wouldn’t have been anywhere near the person and blogger I am now. So in some ways I have Poppy to thank for everything my blogs have led me to so far.

This coming Thursday, I’ll finally meet Poppy at the 140 Characters exhibition, hopefully have a photo taken and be able to tag it and upload it to WIWT. Knowing me, mind you, and the way I get so bloody starstruck, I’ll just cower in a corner and wave politely.

She will have gained better, more acclaimed praise elsewhere – through her numerous newspaper and magazine interviews, the comments people leave all over the net, and also through her Twitter feed. I dunno if she’ll ever find this, but I hope eventually it appears on her Google Alerts and she’ll smile that she actually helped change someone’s life.

Poppy really has inspired me, What I Wore Today has inspired my blogs, and I hope that both will now inspire you. I really do.

To follow Poppy on Twitter, click here, or to find out what all the fuss about, click here to go to What I Wore Today.


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