Inspiration Invitations: Lewis Wiltshire

Originally posted on General Musings of an Idiot.

I’m slacking already, and for that I apologise profusely. But today brings about the second in my ‘Inspiration Invitations’ series.

To explain the concept of Inspiration Invitations is a pretty easy thing to do. These posts are the people that have inspired me, and therefore I’m inviting you to let them inspire you too. Hence the name.

And the penny drops….

There’s one man that I feel is very deserved of a post with the Inspiration Invitations tag. He’s been a big influence for me, yet hardly any of you will know who he is. But I bet you’ve used his website.

Lewis Wiltshire is the former Editor of the BBC Sport website, and is now the Digital Olympics Editor, alongside Social Media Editor, both still for BBC Sport. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Lewis, and getting to know him via social networks. And if I do say so, he’s bloody brilliant.

As you all know, I wish to become a sports journalist, and my dream from about the age of 12 is to worth for the BBC Sport online team. Therefore, the person I needed to learn from, and to aspire to, was Lewis. A quick Google, a few clicks, and I was following him on Twitter. And that’s where this story sort of begins and ends.

I won’t bore you with Tweets and conversations, but Lewis has been a massive help. He’s advised and helped, and in a way, become a role model for me to aspire to. But most of all, he’s inspired me.

There was a point around Christmas last year that I has ‘writer’s block,’ and I did consider giving up on my dream, and just looking for another. I’ve always enjoyed teaching, so I could do that. And I like advertising and marketing, too, so there’s another avenue to explore. But it was one solitary email from Lewis that got everything back on track, and since then I’ve been more focused and determined than ever.

I hate rejection – it’s the worst feeling in the world by a living mile. Nobody likes being told they’re not good enough, or that what they’ve spent so long working towards isn’t going to happen. And that’s why I can’t be beaten on this one. Lewis has been someone to look up to, not only in a professional capacity, but in a personal one too.

I have a few dreams in life. I’d like to open a patisserie in a suburb in the States. I’d like to visit China, and go to Beijing. I’d quite like to own a gastropub, and pick the menu. I’d like my kids to grow up and be whoever they want to be. I’d like to work for the BBC, and I’d love to work in TV Centre.

With the Sport department moving to the new MediaCity:UK complex in Salford, and TV Centre slated to close completely in 2017, that dream is seemingly just that – a dream. I would, one day, love to work for Lewis, in whatever role he currently has at that point in time. There’s just something exciting and current about his thoughts, ideas, and his team – and it would be (literally) a dream come true to be part of that. Cue cheesy music, awkward glances, and a ‘Happily Ever After’ sign on the screen.

In all seriousness, Lewis has made me realise a dream, and made me crave it even more. If you’re at all interested in writing, journalism, or sport-based media, you have to get in touch with him. I promise you, you won’t regret it at all.


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