Back at the start of 2006, I decided to start writing this new-fangled ‘weblog’, that allowed me to write whatever I want onto a page on the internet. What more could any budding journalist want?!

Five years on, and I’m still going. Albeit, on different sites, with different addresses, and with a more mature head, but I’m still tapping away at a keyboard (yeah, that’s changed too…) writing down my thoughts on whatever my mind tells me to announce to the world.

First of all, I should introduce myself. My name is Adam Mills, and this is my little spot on the internet. Actually, I have quite a few. I’m 18, an aspiring journalist, and I’ve been forced to take a year out having missed out on a university spot by a grade. Tough, I know, but that’s life. I’m going to write, travel, study, gain some invaluable experience, and really enjoy the next year. Or that’s the plan, anyway. I’m a massive Man United fan, my favourite city in the whole wide world is London, and I bake a cracking chocolate cake.

I’ve written blogs that advertise something; that have personal meaning; that tell the world about what my story is. I mean, I’ve written a thousand words about Marmite. It was a tough day.

But now I’ve decided to post an assortment of articles and posts here as an online portfolio. A Quality Street tin of Adam, if you will. But no toffee pennies – they’re a waste of time.

The links at the top of the page take you to each individual blog I write for, and there are also links so you can find me on Google+ or Twitter. You can even drop me an email, if that’s what you fancy.

It truly has been a privilege to share my work with you all – reading the wonderful comments and Tweets about the posts really do warm the cockles of your heart. And for those rather negative comments… Well, they just drive you on even further.

This portfolio will be continually updated, so please keep coming back to have a gander at other work. I’m very proud of what I do, and I really do hope that you enjoy what you read. If you do, let me know. If you don’t, let me know – it’s the only way I can get better.

Thankyou lovely internet person. You help make every day brighter.


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